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Northwest Iowa Horse Show Association (NIHSA)
is made up of Saddle Clubs in Northwest Iowa.
There are 21 approved shows in 2016.
Shows are open for competitors of any age and horses
of any breed. NIHSA members compete for points
for year-end awards.

Northwest Iowa
Horse Show Association Officers:

President: Rick Lemmon
Vice President: Judi Naber
Secretary: Kari Bauer
Treasurer: Lori McGuire
High Point Secretary: Zelda Buse Christensen
Newsletter: Jo Heschke
Website: Megan Punt

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Secretaries: Club membership lists are due to Zelda by the first show. When making your list PLEASE make sure to note first and last names of family members. Lists can be sent to Zelda before the first show, any members joining before the first show will be added to the club list. Zelda says thanks to the clubs that have al-ready sent in their lists.

Show Committees: Show results are to be turned in to Zelda, Kari and Jo within two weeks of your show. PLEASE use ink and write clearly. READ the form and follow directions as to what in-formation goes in each space. Owners and exhibitors are not al-ways the same person.
Exhibitors: When entering classes where the points go to the horse please use the same name each time you enter. Either the registered name or barn name just be consistent.

NIHSA YOUTH: Be sure to sign up on the registration sheet at the entry table to be eligible for the Year End High Point Youth awards. Only need to sign up once. Need to List your name, Age on Jan. 1 and the NIHSA club you belong to.

The next meeting will be Nov. 14th in Germantown at the HideOut. Rule and class changes will be brought up at this meeting . Anyone may attend these meetings though only club delegates can vote.

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